Kaynarca Construction, as one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus, continues its commitment to providing customers with safe, modern, and innovative housing projects. The company’s housing projects undergo a meticulous design and engineering process, aiming to offer comfortable living spaces and investment value.

Vision and Mission of Kaynarca Construction

Kaynarca Construction adopts a vision centered around customer satisfaction, aiming to produce aesthetically pleasing and functional housing projects in line with modern living standards. The company closely follows innovations in the construction sector and strives to build sustainable and secure homes with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

  1. High-Level Security Standards

Kaynarca Construction places significant importance on adhering to top-tier security standards during the construction of its homes. Each project is built using durable materials, and factors such as building security and earthquake resilience are taken into consideration during the design phase. Customers benefit from the advantage of living in a secure and robust environment in projects developed by Kaynarca Construction.

  1. Blending Modern Architecture with Aesthetic Comfort

Kaynarca Construction follows modern architectural trends in its housing projects and prioritizes aesthetic comfort. Innovative designs, spacious interiors, large windows, and open-plan layouts distinguish Kaynarca Construction’s housing projects from others. These homes, designed in accordance with modern living standards, provide not only comfort but also an eye-catching aesthetic experience.

  1. Homes Equipped with Innovative Technologies

Kaynarca Construction pays attention to integrating technologies that meet the demands of the time into its housing projects. Smart home systems, energy-efficient solutions, and modern infrastructure make the company’s homes future-oriented and sustainable. Customers, therefore, enjoy the advantage of using up-to-date technology in their homes.

  1. Projects Suited to Various Lifestyles

Kaynarca Construction develops projects suitable for different customer needs. From spacious homes for families to projects in city centers for those who love modern urban life, and tranquil residences for those desiring a connection with nature, the company offers a variety of options. This way, customers can have a living space that suits their preferences.

  1. Customer Satisfaction-Focused Service Approach

Kaynarca Construction embraces customer satisfaction as a fundamental principle. The company makes efforts to understand customer expectations, provide suitable solutions, and maintain transparent communication throughout every stage of the projects. Customer satisfaction acts as a factor solidifying Kaynarca Construction’s reliability and success in the construction sector.

Advantages of Buying a House in Girne

  1. Touristic and Cultural Riches: Girne is one of the most touristic regions in Cyprus. Buying a house in Girne provides easy access to cultural events and social activities due to its historical ruins, harbor, and vibrant nightlife.
  2. Sea Views: Girne is renowned for its breathtaking sea views. Owning a house in Girne offers the chance to wake up to a unique sea view every day.
  3. Investment Potential: With its tourist appeal and developing infrastructure, Girne is an ideal region for real estate investment. The potential for value appreciation makes buying a house in this region even more appealing.

Advantages of Buying a House in Lefkoşa

  1. Job Opportunities: Being the capital of Cyprus, Lefkoşa hosts various job opportunities. Buying a house in Lefkoşa provides easy access to business centers and commercial activities.
  2. Cultural Events: Lefkoşa hosts art galleries, theaters, and cultural events. Owning a house in the city allows participation in these events and provides opportunities for cultural experiences.
  3. Education Facilities: Lefkoşa is home to various educational institutions. Parents can easily access quality education facilities for their children.
Kaynarca Construction: Safe, Modern and Innovative Housing Projects
Kaynarca Construction: Safe, Modern and Innovative Housing Projects

Advantages of Buying a House in Gazimağusa

  1. Historical Riches: Gazimağusa is famous for its historical ruins and ancient settlements. Buying a house in Gazimağusa allows living in proximity to historical riches.
  2. Sea and Beaches: Gazimağusa is known for its beautiful beaches and clean sea. Being a homeowner in this region allows enjoying the pleasure of the sea and beach life.
  3. Developing Infrastructure: The continuously developing infrastructure of Gazimağusa is noteworthy. Modern housing projects and easy transportation facilities make buying a house in Gazimağusa advantageous.

Advantages of Buying a House in İskele

  1. Seaside and Beaches: İskele is famous for its beautiful seaside and clean beaches. Owning a house in İskele provides the opportunity to live a life integrated with a sea view.
  2. Living in Harmony with Nature: Surrounded by natural beauty and green spaces, İskele allows homeowners to live in harmony with nature.
  3. Investment Potential: With its developing infrastructure and tourist appeal, İskele is an attractive region for those interested in investment.


Advantages of Buying a House in Güzelyurt

  1. Peaceful Living: Güzelyurt is known for its tranquil atmosphere and green nature. Buying a house in Güzelyurt offers the opportunity for a peaceful life.
  2. Proximity to Agricultural Areas: Güzelyurt is located near agricultural areas, providing easy access to organic products and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Developing Infrastructure: Güzelyurt stands out with modern housing projects and a developing infrastructure. Being a homeowner in this region allows enjoying contemporary living standards.

Lambousa and Alsancak Projects Ready by 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

Kaynarca Construction opens the doors to modern living with the Lambousa and Alsancak projects set to be ready by 2024. These projects not only offer contemporary architectural homes but also feature various payment facilities. Aimed at investors, these projects provide options that align with future housing trends, promising a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

Kaynarca Construction facilitates access to quality living spaces with its projects throughout Cyprus. The company’s vision, mission, and the projects it offers maintain its position as a leader in the construction sector by providing customers with modern, secure, and aesthetically pleasing homes.

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