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Professional Excavation Service

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+90 533 870 0938

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+90 533 870 0938

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Alsancak, Kyrenia/KKTC

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Professional Excavation Service

Since the day we were founded, we continue our work with our expert staff, technical team and strong machine park with the rightful pride of completing hundreds of projects in the best way without any accident and problem. The first priority of our company is occupational safety and it takes all kinds of accident prevention measures in advance. The second priority of our company is to deliver the work (Demolition, Excavation and Infrastructure) to the employer as soon as possible and in accordance with the contract.

In order to carry out the excavation and demolition works, which come before the foundations of the construction sector, in a fast and complex way, we have developed the machinery park with new and latest model machines in accordance with our age, and we continue to serve by expanding its service network day by day. Our team observes and analyzes every stage of the project. We provide a safe working environment for our employees and customers. Building demolition requires a safe engineering process, qualified personnel and maximum work experience and necessary equipment. The superior success and honesty we have shown in our work returns as satisfaction from our customers and brand value in the sector. Our service is available in the process from building demolition to removal of excavation waste.